Finally, The truth..behind the blog


Here we are, we are at the end of the trail.
After spending six months to construct and update this site I would reveal the whole truth about it.
This reality of luxury homes, famous designers, precious objects does exist!. The main purpose of my blog was to show everyone how this reality was present in our lives, but mostly it was a provocation.
I believe that in our days even dream of living in houses like the ones I mentioned is one example of rampant materialism that drives many people.
Fortunately I do not think all people are so ‘motivated
At least personally I would be happy to live in a house like this:
(If one day I can afford it)





They are read by the rich scenic presence, perfect to enhance the sumptuousness of important environments and to add value, distinction and value to every night.

Forging is at the heart of Giusti Portos ‘ work.

the methods and techniques are strictly artisan and are highlighted when the anvil skillfully encounters the hammer.

The heat of the fire joins with the heat of the handcrafting to create totally unique pieces which are neve the same as the rest, with a wealth of beauty and the quality craftsmanship of times past. The skill of the forgers combines with the designers aesthetic research: resulting IN giusti ports’ unrepeatable works of art.

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Bossini company… you’ve never take a shower like this


Bossini has been producing showers and accessories since 1960 with the awareness that even a simple daily act, like using the shower, can open the door to a whole world of values: functional, aesthetic, technical and human values. Quality, design, research and innovation are the founding principles of all Bossini‚Äôs planning and production. Consequently the Company has garnered a prestigious role for itself in the international showcase – where Italian design has always been considered the ultimate of good taste and elegance – proposing a range of products that are innovative and meet the highest of quality standards. Thanks to its 50 years of experience, Bossini has succeeded in giving showers the added values of personality and character reflected by a highly evolved concept of ‚ÄúThe Bathroom‚ÄĚ, intended not only as an intimate space that merits top quality in terms of aesthetics and function, but as a new theatre of home wellness.¬† With Bossini the shower turns into a truly emotional experience to be enjoyed every day.


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CERAMICA “bardelli”



Bardelli¬†adopts¬†from time to time¬†the most suitable technique:¬†the¬†free-hand drawing,¬†the stencil;¬†by¬†“dusting”¬†to the¬†mixed techniques,¬†in the case where¬†both¬†request¬†an infinitesimal¬†definition of details.¬†At times¬†are necessary,¬†to decorate¬†a single tile,¬†up to¬†a¬†dozen or more¬†steps.¬†It is¬†only this¬†set of¬†techniques that¬†allows¬†you to transfer¬†faithfully¬†on¬†creatingceramic¬†artist.¬†In¬†other words,¬†Bardelli¬†offers¬†a product of¬†highest quality design,¬†combining¬†modern¬†industrial processes¬†and nearly¬†manic¬†with sophisticated¬†decoration techniques¬†of the¬†craft tradition.¬†Many¬†today speak¬†of design,¬†handmade¬†and¬†made in¬†Italy.¬†Bardelli¬†guarantee youcan¬†say,¬†always,¬†all three.
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Provasi designers!


Living Provasi: scenografic and emotional environments. this is the slogan of the made in italy company, that i found really interesting.

We are talking about houses, luxury and Milan …

 It took place in the heart of Milan, Via Hoepli 6, an event organized by Provasi Sculpture and Design. The happenings in the showroom of 1000 square meters with the press.

The exhibition space, rich and sumptuous, was the setting for the presentation of new collection Provasi in a smooth and comfortable,dressed in a sophisticated palette of colors.

A collection¬†of accessories¬†of the highest level:¬†the use¬†of valuable raw materials¬†such as silk, cashmere, velvet,¬†fine leathers¬†are proof of theircapacity, all in¬†line with¬†the philosophy¬†of the company that¬†wants to befirst and foremost¬†an expression¬†of beauty¬†and¬†of¬†‘exclusive.


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From citylife, Zaha Hadid makes..

This masterpiece is called the the Liquid Glacial Table.


This piece of translucent, clear acrylic that resembles a small glacier, with incredibly beautiful legs that seem to be water vortexes, is truly bespoke and would easily be the focal point of your living room.  The designer managed to immortalize two important states of water, ice, as a solid, and water itself as a liquid in this chic and elegant table.nt.

Citylife : the new way of living in Milan


Citylife is located in the area previously occupied by the exhibition halls of Milanand is one of the largest urban CONVERSION projects underway in Europe.
City Life offers a new way to live, work and spend leisure time in Milan.
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Villa Planchart, historical views

Villa Planchart , built in 1954¬†by Gio¬†Ponti,¬†rests ImageImageso lightly¬†on the hill¬†in Caracas that¬†has been dubbedthe “butterfly”.

Gio Ponti : La casa ideale

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A house created as an art device!

Dedicated to the artists, with lake views, a housedesigned by Pietro Lingeri thirties reopens its doors thanks to the ideas of a young Belgian designer. With that mix several languages.

A home of author, a contemporary restyling, 4hands meet. 2 are those of a great Italian architecture, Pietro Lingeri, well that hasmanaged to translate the rigid forms of rationalism in the first half of the twentieth century into a harmonious language related to the nature and place. The others are those of ayoung designer and entrepreneur based inBrussels: Alain Berteau. The two virtually meettheir destinies Comacina Island, a strip of landsurrounded by the waters of the western branchof the lake in 2010ImageImageImageImage